Ideas from Jaime: Minimizing Buyer’s Remorse in Home Design

One of our primary goals here at the Norfolk Idea Center is to help people avoid the “I wish someone had told us” feeling of regret about their design choices.

A recent example… A client brought us a cookie cutter kitchen design, where the cabinets didn’t really play well with the adjoining rooms. I made gentle suggestions to better help the cabinets work with the great room as a space for entertaining and hosting.

I usually ask: “Are you happy with the arrangement of this space? It seems like it may work well to do it this way…”

They welcomed this input, and they were grateful for me suggesting this, as they had been focusing on the kitchen as its own space. They told me how thankful they were for my insight, saying my guidance helped them go the next step to see how they would actually use the kitchen in conjunction with the surrounding rooms. The LIVABILITY factor is something we always try to remind our clients about. It’s the hardest to foresee.

Thankfully, we welcome feedback from clients after their homes are completed and they have been living in them for a while, about what they liked and didn’t like. This input helps us constantly improve our ability to help families hit the mark on their dream design.

There are no hard and fast rules with building or remodeling a home. There are design guidelines, but we are of the school of thought where: “anything can go,” so long as it feels right and plays well with what our client is looking for.

We are not limited by any one style or design approach. We always focus on the individual client in front of us to meet their design preferences, and collaborate from that point forward. 

– Jaime Simpson, Project Designer

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