How to Make Your Home Healthy and Stress Free in 2017

The Holidays are packed in boxes and tucked away in the attic. 2017 has arrived and with it comes the hope of change and a fresh start.  As the New Year approaches we tend to focus on making health changes and setting new fitness goals; but have you thought about how your home can be a source of stress and contribute to your poor health?  The New Year is a great time to make your home the beautiful, stress free space you have always wanted it to be.

Here are some steps you can take to make your home healthy and stress free in the New Year:

  1. Fresh paint: Studies show that cool colors, like blues and neutrals, create a spa like feeling in your home resulting in lower stress levels. To reduce stress, stay away from bright, loud colors.
  2. New lighting: Bright, harsh lighting can cause headaches, eyestrain, and create a sense of restlessness.  Choose soft lights on tables or floor lamps rather than bright overhead lights.
  3. Create Balance: Lack of symmetry can cause underlying stress as well, especially if you are one who needs everything in its place. Add a few new items to your already existing decor or rearrange your existing furniture to make your room more balanced. Using a designer from a company like the Norfolk Idea Center can make balancing your home affordable and easy.
  4. Add Live Plants: Bring the outdoors inside. Plants and fresh flowers can contribute to a more relaxing room by increasing the fresh oxygen and removing toxins from the air. See this list of 10 best houseplants to de stress your home 10 Best Houseplants to De-stress your home.
  5. Start from Scratch: A bath redesign or a room addition is a sure way to make a space exactly what you have been dreaming of.  Though it is a bigger commitment in both time and expense, using a company that has experienced designers and all the materials you would need in one spot, like Norfolk Idea Center, can make it a seamless and stress free process; giving you the perfect addition to your home.

Designing a new space can be confusing and overwhelming, but an updated area of your home can be just what you need to start off the New Year. From small changes like fresh paint and new fixtures to room renovations or additions, the Norfolk Idea Center will make the process the easiest New Year’s Resolution you have ever kept. 

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