Holiday Wish List – Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2016

This is the time of year when families gather indoors for holiday parties and New Years Eve festivities. Greenery and stockings around the mantle, candles illuminating each of the windows and the centerpiece on the countertop mean houses either shine, or fall flat. This is a natural time of year for people to assess their home with a careful eye and ask themselves if it’s time for that renovation they’ve been dreaming about.

When homeowners, designers or builders ask us about our kitchen design predictions for 2016, we answer that what we hear most from our customers ultimately comes down to function. How are people using these spaces, and how can we, from a planning and design standpoint, make that a more pleasant experience for them?

Here are a few great ideas for upgrades we have had requests for in recent months that make everything from everyday family dinners to hosting that 20-person family reunion a smoother affair:

Maximize Kitchen Efficiency

Kitchens and dining rooms are rarely used to their full potential, but with large holiday dinners, functionality is certainly put to the test.

  • Is there enough oven space? Or would a double oven better handle cooking different dishes at various temperatures?
  • Is the kitchen prep area well-lit with easy access to the sink, trash can and pantry?
  • Would a second sink or possibly a more open layout between the kitchen, dining room and living room be useful or encourage socializing?

Other common upgrades and amenities we are often asked about include:

  • Built-in wine fridge
  • Butcher block surfaces
  • Expanded kitchen island
  • Warming station
  • Hanging cookware rack

The holidays are a time to address which upgrades can help a kitchen do its best job year-round. Come visit the Norfolk Idea Center showroom in downtown Ghent to discuss and source all of the upgrades on your remodeling wish list this year.

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