Finding the Floors that Fit Your Style

Furniture and décor are both important for setting the theme of your home’s interior, but the materials and colors you choose for your flooring and tile can really help you achieve the look you want. This may sound silly, but creating a cohesive design depends on all factors! Imagine trying to brighten a room while still having dark floors, or trying to create a beachy theme with dark stone tile in the kitchen and bathrooms.

So, how do you decide which flooring fits your style?

  1. Determine what theme or style you want to achieve. Do you spend a lot of time at home and just want something comfortable? You may look to rustic interiors for inspiration. Do you love minimalism and clean lines? Look into modern home design to see what might work for you.
  2. Think about color first. If you have a smaller home, using lighter colors can help brighten the space, making it appear larger and more open than it actually is. If you have a large space that seems a little too empty, use darker colors to make it feel more cozy and homely.
  3. Consider different materials. Do you want your home to feel luxurious and extravagant? Do you want to feel closer to nature, or to match the environment around your home? These are questions to consider when choosing between various hardwood and tile options.
  4. Assess your home activity levels. If you have pets and children running around your home, you may choose the stylish, yet durable vinyl options over the more expensive hardwood option.

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