Control4 Home Automation System Now Available At Norfolk Idea Center

Smart home technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade, and continues to advance to incorporate new technology every year. One of the brands on the forefront of home automation was Control4, now a 13-year-old company and the only one in the industry that is publicly traded. Consequently, Control4 responds to consumer demands, providing the best compatibility and functionality in the business. Today, with so many customizable options available, home automation is able to fit any homeowner’s needs.

In line with its namesake, Control4 seamlessly blends four areas of the home into one, intuitive control system:

  • Entertainment
  • Smart Lighting
  • Comfort & Convenience
  • Safety & Security

With one remote to control all TV, movies, music, gaming and more, your family can spend less time switching devices and digging for remotes, and more time enjoying your favorite entertainment. The Control4 technology integrates all of your popular services in one place, from Roku, Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more, and allows them to be enjoyed on any device in the house.

Smart Lighting
Smart lighting with Control4 is more than just dimming the lights – it means having the ability to create presets for everything from “date night” to “dinner time,” and to dramatically influence the ambience of your home. Control entire rooms or the whole house, to welcome you when you return home from work, or program randomly for safety when you are out of town.

Comfort & Convenience
Control your home’s temperature, humidity levels, shades, sprinklers, hot tub and more for the perfect environment at all times. You can schedule personalized comfort settings to run automatically for different times of the day, or recall presets with the touch of a button. Connect every room in your home (and the outdoors) with the new feature of high-definition video intercom, which allows you to call your family to the dinner table or see who is at the front door. Those owning a second home or vacation home on the Eastern Shore or the Tidewater area can rest assured knowing they can manage tasks like shutting off water or changing their security codes from afar.

Safety & Security
Home safety is understandably one of the biggest concerns for homeowners, and Control4 offers peace of mind with its 4SightÔ system. This app allows you to access your Control4 system right from your phone to check on your home anytime and anywhere. Wonder if you locked the back door or turned off the lights? You can take care of these issues with the swipe of your finger, as well as bigger ones, like monitoring video feeds from your cameras when you’re on vacation, or getting text alerts when the kids arrive home from school.

Designed with every homeowner in mind, the Control4 system is most unique because it is scalable. Only looking for a reliable lock system or a universal smart remote to simplify your entertainment? Control4 has you covered. Whether you are planning to retrofit your existing home or incorporate smart technology in a new build, you are in good hands when working with the home automation experts of Control4. The added value of partnering with the design team at Norfolk Idea Center means that your family’s exact lifestyle and needs (and how those needs will change over time) will translate to a Control4 whole home system that is unique to you.

You will be able to keep an eye on your children as they grow, create more comfortable living for you and your spouse’s empty nest, host perfectly orchestrated gatherings for friends and family, and provide comfort and safety for when the in-laws come to stay. No matter what stage you and your family are in now, Control4 will continue to provide the best and most innovative solutions for your home for the years ahead. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Come to our special event on Control4 home automation that will be hosted by the Norfolk Idea Center on Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 from 12-1pm. We welcome homeowners, designers, remodeling companies and builders to join us to learn more about this technology. Please e-mail to reserve your spot!

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