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Working With Designers: Why It’s Easier

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People often use the new year as a starting point for change, but the real month of change is September. Suddenly summer is over and daylight hours are shorter, kids are back at school and you’re already making plans for the holiday season. Life becomes busy in the fall, and if you’re planning a home build or remodel, it can become an even more stressful process.

Most homeowners, contractors and remodelers don’t have time for the back-and-forth trips required when choosing features for a house. Hardware and big box stores won’t have everything you’re looking for, and you’ll probably need to visit several different ones to find the item and style you want. You may find a product you love, only to find out there is only one cabinet door handle left, or that the size door you need is on backorder.

If you’ve ever wondered why people choose to work with a design team when they could do the work themselves, this is why. Your time is important, and if you’re on a deadline for a house flip, or trying to get your home remodel done before the holidays, you’re going to experience much more stress than you will by working with someone who will do the searching and organizing for you.

The Norfolk Idea Center searches for the best products available for all areas of your home and has them available for you to choose from. From kitchen cabinets to plumbing fixtures, we’ve got you covered! We do the work for you, so you get more enjoyment out of your space faster and with more time to spend on fun fall activities and family this season. We’ll also make sure the items are delivered on time, when needed for your project! Visit us at 350 W 22nd St #101b in Norfolk to browse our selection, or call (757) 351-4550 to schedule a design consultation.

Remodeling a Home: What To Do BEFORE You Move In

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So, you’ve found a new home for a great price that you’re ready to remodel. Whether you’ll be moving your family into your new house, renting it out or flipping it, the buying process is undoubtedly tedious and complicated. If you’re moving you or someone else in soon, you’re probably ready to get it over with and start making a return on your investment. However, it you know the house needs updates, why wait?

The best time to start and complete your renovation is while the house is empty. By trying to complete projects over time (even the small ones), you may end up pushing your timeline back even further as life gets in the way – especially as school starts and kids go back to school and the business of fall begins. If you or renters are living in the home, these projects can also cause a huge mess and inconvenience, and even drive energy costs up as builders enter and exit the home or if windows and doors need to be open.

Completing your remodel at one time doesn’t have to be difficult. By working with the Norfolk Idea Center, you already gain access to all of the best products and resources in one place: our showroom. When working with one of our design professionals, homeowners and contractors are able to select flooring, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, lighting, stone and more without the stress of visiting several different stores – saving you so much time in the process!

You won’t have to sacrifice your personal style when choosing from our selection, either. Our designers work with you, listening and learning about your lifestyle and ideas when creating a home design for you. Visit us at 350 W 22nd St #101b in Norfolk to browse our selection, or call (757) 351-4550 to schedule a design consultation.