Buying and Selling: What to Look For

Home buying season will soon be in full swing, and many homeowners are making lists of what they need to improve in their homes to sell, or what to look for in other homes when making offers. If you’ve owned your home for a while, you probably have a few renovations to take care of before showing it to potential buyers. If you’re purchasing a home, you’ll want to keep these same areas in mind – assessing the quality of the work and materials against the listed price of the house.

So, what should you be looking for? Here is our guide:

  1. Flooring: The floor of a home is one area that can become the most damaged, especially in a home with high activity, children and pets. Is the carpet tearing away from the trim or thinning out? Is the hardwood scratched or discolored? Not addressing damage will cost you later on when a potential buyer catches it, and will cost a buyer more later on when they end up replacing it.
  2. Outdated fixtures and hardware: Even the most beautiful home can feel shabby with outdated lighting, faucets and cabinet door handles. These areas may seem small and insignificant, but a potential buyer should be keeping tabs on areas they will have to spend a lot of extra time fixing up!
  3. Consistency: Are the renovations and design of the home consistent through every room? Modern, minimalistic backsplashes look great in a kitchen, but if the countertops and cabinets don’t match, it can look cluttered and confusing to a potential buyer. Pay attention to consistency in quality as well, and don’t settle for a quick DIY job to rid of a problem.

When buying or selling a home, Norfolk Idea Center is here to turn your ideas into reality, and guide you through your renovation. Let us help you navigate the many design options today, and design an end product that works best for you!