5 Ways the Norfolk Idea Center Is a Valuable Resource for Interior Designers

We understand that hiring an interior designer can be one of the smartest investments homeowners make for their homes. With expert insight on an array of topics, home designers are masters of a very detailed craft. Knowledge of color complements, wood stains, metal finishes, countertops, lighting, carpets and fabric textures, and balancing a multitude of design elements throughout the entire house leaves a lot of room for error when homeowners attempt to tackle design on their own. Working with an expert ensures aesthetically-pleasing rooms that offer comfort and convenience for each customer’s lifestyle.

No two designers are entirely alike, and many have a signature style and are chosen by their clients for that exact reason. This can be a challenge when a designer works to blend their style with their client’s lifestyle and desired look.  When you incorporate the structural limitations of a renovation, or the feeling of not knowing where to begin with a new build – that is where having a project designer can be a tremendous asset.

At the Norfolk Idea Center, we are here to work side-by-side with both homeowners and design professionals to help navigate through the many design options in a creative and relaxed environment.  Our team incorporates the knowledge of both the design and the building sides of a project, to help apply style options in a way that will make the finished space beautiful and functional.

Here are a few benefits of partnering with the Norfolk Idea Center for your project design needs if you are an interior designer:

  1. Space Analysis – Every home is unique, and you need an expert who understands this and is able to look at the design space from all angles. Our team has the added building expertise of understanding how design elements like alcoves and benches and custom shelving can be fine-tuned from both a stylistic and construction perspective.
  2. Planning Based on Experience – Tapping into a designer’s years of experience – with the added resources of the showroom environment at the Norfolk Idea Center – means you can collaborate to create a plan that is feasible.
  3. Sticking to a Budget – Creating a realistic cost estimate will can help determine whether to complete the project all at once or phase it over a few years, including what to tackle first.
  4. Contractor Connections – These relationships are very useful for any construction needs in addition to design. We work directly with builders and remodelers as well as designers.
  5. Think Outside the Box – They say that two heads are better than one, which is why we encourage designers to come visit our showroom to borrow inspiration and collaborate with our team of professionals to keep their ideas fresh and functional. We also offer many custom options you won’t find anywhere else!

At Norfolk Idea Center, we are proud of the relationships we have established with interior designers throughout Hampton Roads, and have become a trusted resource for products and ideas. We believe in helping you create a functional, beautiful home for your clients by providing inspiration and helping you ask the right questions to balance design and construction elements in a home. Give us a call at 757-351-4550 or stop by our showroom in historic Ghent in Norfolk, VA to schedule an appointment and find out how we can be a great resource for your design business!

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